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Who we are

Company Overview

VectoScalar is a trusted software development, consulting and technology partner for many small and mid-size businesses globally. We create state-of-the-art technology solutions to give our partners/clients a competitive edge in today’s digital world.


  • 80+ years of strong tech leadership experience
  • 9+ years of Mobile/Web/Cloud Computing experience
  • 100+ Mobile/Backend Ninja Coders
  • 4+ Fortune 500 Client
  • 50+ clients
  • 100+ projects delivered
  • Established in Noida since 2012

Our Expertise

  • Mobile Application Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Cloud Consulting

What We Do

End-to-end Product Development

We do end-end product development thereby reducing time-to-market and hassle of managing multiple partners. We start from creating a design concept and planning the product development right through to launching the software. The solutions that we design are secure, reliable and scalable. We also provide support to add new features and increase value of the product.

For startups

It is extremely important to get your product to the market as quickly as possible. So, in many cases, you have to develop your product’s core functionality to get feedback and/or raise investments. VectoScalar understands these needs and streamlines your custom startup development to get your product developed within a limited budget and on time.

Technology Solution Partner

We are not an outsourcing company, we work in collaboration with our client as their technology and solution partner. With years of experience in developing startups, we can carefully investigate your unique situation and provide you with the best advice to handle strategic tech-related decisions.
We are experts in solving and solutioning the most hard business problems.

Our Products

WorkforceScalar - Human Resource and Employee Management System

One of the best-in-class HRMS Solution specifically designed for HR Leaders with highly customizable organisation oriented configurations including leave management system, HR practices & policies and more

  • Employee Self-service modules
  • Performance Evaluation & Growth Management
  • Timesheet & Leave Management
  • Pre-Configured Reports Generation
  • Payslip, IT Declaration & Tax Management
  • Project/Client & Invoice Management
  • Resource Planning & Heatmap for Senior Management


  • Location based dynamic employee work-hours tracking
  • Diversified Reporting, Employee Metric, Performance & Productivity Analytics

TestScalar - Enterprise Test Management Tool

TestScalar is a cloud-based test management web application which can be used by QA leaders, testers, developers and other stakeholders to manage, track and organize end to end test management

  • Test Suite & Test Case Management
  • Test Run & Defect Management
  • Dashboard with Realtime Testing Progress Tracking
  • Reports Generation & Download
  • Project based Team Collaboration with custom roles
  • Import / Export in various reporting formats
  • User & HR Management with Custom Permissions


  • Integration/Data-Migration from other Test managemet tools
  • Add on-features

Backend Engine for E-Commerce Applications

A comprehensive suit of cloud agnostic API's to empower and accelerate your E-commerce Application Development. Highly cost-optimized software-as-a-service solution developed on AWS (Serverless) with Python & NoSQL having scalable architecture

  • User Management & Analytics
  • Product & Inventory Management
  • Order & Payment Management
  • Admin & Seller Management
  • AI/ML based Product Recommendation Engine
  • Custom Reports & Notifications
  • Customizable Mobile App Menus & Layout


  • Customized API for Enterprise Integration
  • Advance AI/ML based recommendation scenarios

Success Stories

simsim - acquired by Google

India's #1 Short Video & Shopping App - Highly Scalable Reliable App serving 50K DAU

VectoScalar is the technology partner for Simsim and has been involved from day-one in designing and developing this platform. We have been part of this product for more than 2.5 years now and are still continuing to develop and enhance it.

  • Implemented front-end in React Native and backend in Node + AWS services
  • Vernacular Platform for text and video, supports multiple languages such as English, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali
  • Streaming of video content & super fast search
  • Strong Security with AWS Cognito & Amplify
  • Several Services Integrated such as Facebook, CleverTap, GA, Firebase, Sentry, Freshchat, RazorPay, PayTm, Social Deep Links
  • Supported Web using React-Native-Web & Redux as the state management store

Smart Home Automation App

VectoScalar has been involved on this project since it's inception and has worked in collaboration with client. This journey is ongoing and we are currently enhancing the app.

  • Implemented front-end in React Native and backend in Java + AWS IOT services
  • Next Gen breathtaking Interface UX/UI with seamless and superbly articulated transitions
  • Deep Integration with Smart Hub/Hardware over bluetooth/wifi/tcp protocols
  • Super Fast and responsive screens
  • Strong Security with AWS Cognito & Amplify
  • Supports different UI scenarios with various roles of Owner/Member/Guest on the App
  • Mob-X as the state management store

Logistics Microservices Web App

VectoScalar helped a major transporting company in moving one of major module from monolith to microservices based architecture. Application is about finding the right load based on different filtering criteria and developed with React framework

  • Re-Architected Monolith Application to MicroService based service
  • Optimized Search by 5x using SOLR Indexing & optimizing data flow/structure
  • Next-Gen UI with React JS & Rest API based architecture
  • ReUsable extendable code & generated DSL to be used across other product components
  • Backend powered by .Net Core

HealthCare: Scheduling app

VectoScalar built an end-end solution for Healthcare industry that required a knack for keeping up with fast-paced, round-the-clock responsibility. This app made scheduling efficient, convenient, and accessible for doctors, care-givers, patient and staffs.

  • Implemented front-end in AngularJS 1.0 and backend in python Django.

Some of Our clients

We have gone extra miles together.


What customers say about us.

Saurabh Vashishtha


Acquired by Google

VectoScalar was our first technology partner when we started simsim. It has been a pleasure working with them, for more than 2.5 years, on our projects including both web and mobile applications development.

Nikhil has brought together a great set of people who are both very talented and extremely dedicated. They worked well with our scrum teams and helped us deliver consistent results. They have always been helpful and accommodating to our schedules and deadlines. I highly recommend VectoScalar for your next software development engagement.

Brian Rauch


Kickdrum Technology Group

Vectoscalar has worked with Kickdrum for nearly a decade completing 50+ projects in that time. The scope of the projects completed spans many industries such as Automotive, Healthcare, and Travel and Entertainment. We have worked together on all size customers from new startups to mature Fortune 100 companies.

The Vectoscalar team does a great job in all facets of software development. They help up front with architecture and project estimation when trying to sell new projects to our customers. Their team members work very effectively either as a wholly outsourced team or when integrated with our developers.

Technically they have great depth with backend, frontend, and mobile development. They understand and leverage the cloud, specifically AWS and Azure. I would recommend the Vectoscalar team for short-term, high touch emergencies, medium-term, high complexity projects as well as long-term, support and maintenance-like arrangements.

Simran Khara


At Juggernaut, we partnered with Vectoscalar for some of our critical technology projects. They led the work on several high impact projects including building a proprietary Digital Rights Management system for e-books and creating a platform as a service for e-books for multiple partners including Airtel Books.

The team is very mature, the senior folks are hands on and they have a very collaborative approach to working with partners. The developers and product talent is top notch, extremely hard to come by when working with outsourced teams. They’re also very open minded and agile to change things around if the project/business requires. Would recommend Vectoscalar very highly!

Tanuj Shah


Userfacet collaborated with Vectoscalar on one of the projects. The project was technically challenging, the benchmarks towards performance, feature implementation, and match to design were set high.

Vectoscalar did an outstanding job and delivered. Special mention about the technical leadership at Vectoscalar, who is always available to understand the requirements and detail it out to their team. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with them.

Ravresh Kumar

Head of Engineering

Partner 2 Simplify

We have partnered with VectoScalar many times over the past few years. They have highly skilled and experienced team members across various technologies and domains.

The management at VectoScalar have always provided their great support & advice for better solutions and timely deliveries. We hope to continue this partnership for many more years to come.

We Are different

Some interesting facts about us.

  • We care about our customer and their product
  • We never give-up no matter the circumstances
  • We take complete ownership and accountability of our awesomeness and mistakes
  • We are enthusiastic, and extremely passionate about our work and learning
  • We devote serious efforts to make ourselves better
  • We are not cheap, We are awesome & expensive

Our Technology Expertize

We build native, hybrid, and cross-platform apps, desktop apps, IoT and BlockChain solutions.